Mental Illness Is No Joke

Over the last month or more there is something that has really been on my mind so following on from my recent Instagram post with regards to Mental Health Awareness, I thought I would head on over here to get my opinions down in writing in my little space that I occupy on the World Wide Web! After all, that is what a blog is all about no?

People may or may not always agree with what I have to say and that is absolutely fine. It’s my blog and I write my thoughts and life experiences down. You don’t have to like it and you certainly don’t have to read it. With that said I am writing about a sensitive subject today and would love to know your thoughts or even experiences with what I will go on to talk about because I find it very interesting what you all have to say also.

I won’t beat around the bush and get straight to my point. Mental illness or poor mental health is not a joke. It never was and never will be so it angers me incessantly when people use it in a ‘jokey’ way. It is neither cool, funny or OK to call people ‘crazy’, ‘psycho’, ‘mental’ or any other words linked to mental illness in a derogatory manner or as a means of insult. It actually reflects more on the person calling others names than it does on the person it is being aimed at. It is in fact a very serious illness that should be taken far more seriously than it currently is because people that take part in this behaviour, in my opinion, are part of the problem.

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What My 20’s Taught Me

My 3rd decade is rapidly approaching (tomorrow in fact) and I got to thinking about a number of things lately.

What have my 20’s taught me? What valuable life lessons have I learnt? Would I do anything differently? If my 30 year old self could meet my 20 year old self what would the wise old me tell the naive young me? What advice would I impart?

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