What My 20’s Taught Me

My 3rd decade is rapidly approaching (tomorrow in fact) and I got to thinking about a number of things lately.

What have my 20’s taught me? What valuable life lessons have I learnt? Would I do anything differently? If my 30 year old self could meet my 20 year old self what would the wise old me tell the naive young me? What advice would I impart?

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Heartbreak: An Honest Encounter


Believe it not I started writing this blog post 2 years ago!! It has sat in my drafts ever since. I have edited it, added to it, removed parts, even at one time I deleted it! Each time it has had a very different tone. When I first read it back months after initially writing it, I felt like I was reading something written by someone else. It certainly wasn’t ‘me’ at all and in actual fact quite a surreal experience to see just how affected I was by everything at the time of my first draft. I will warn you now it is long!

Fast forward 2 years and how things have changed! I am finally ready to publish my inner thoughts on the subject. What I went through and how things are on the other side of the nasty experience that is a broken heart….

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