About Me

Hello! Welcome to my blog Gillian Lee Rose. This is my little corner of the internet where I can share my outfits with you. As well as my thoughts and a random bit of beauty and nail art thrown in.

I am a 20 something year old nail artist & fashion/shopping addict.

I have recently moved back to the UK after living on the beautiful island of Corfu in Greece for 6 years. I now live in beautiful leafy Surrey. I spend a fair bit of time up in London which I adore. I always feel at home as soon as I step off the train at Waterloo. I love discovering new little bars/restaurants/markets/hangouts all over London so if you have any suggestions give me a shout. I also still spend a lot of time in Corfu at my family’s home out there. If you ever get a chance to go to Corfu then jump at it, it’s a stunning place and I can tell you all the awesome places to go.

I love all things fashion related. Styling outfits is more than a hobby of mine! I also do a bit of nail art on the side, I used to do it full time but my blog has kind of taken over now so it’s more of an occasional thing now. I decided to combine the lot and start a blog featuring my personal style, outfits, high street fashion , beauty & a touch of nail art.

I am a self confessed instagram addict!! I also put a lot ofΒ outfits on there that I don’t always feature on my blog (mirror selfies as I am running out of the house mostly) so give me a follow if you fancy it (gillianleerose).

I hope you enjoy it and any feedback, questions or comments are always welcome.



E-mail: gillian@gillianleerose.com

Twitter: @gillianleerose

Instagram: gillianleerose



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