What My 20’s Taught Me

My 3rd decade is rapidly approaching (tomorrow in fact) and I got to thinking about a number of things lately.

What have my 20’s taught me? What valuable life lessons have I learnt? Would I do anything differently? If my 30 year old self could meet my 20 year old self what would the wise old me tell the naive young me? What advice would I impart?

So many questions I’ve asked myself and so many things to say….so I thought I would reel off a few of my inner thoughts on the last 10 years in a nutshell blog post.

1) People WILL let you down & it will be people/a person you didn’t ever expect to – That’s life! It happens and you will, eventually, move on from it. Not to say you will have hiccups along the way and this could happen on a number of occasions from more than just one person but in the bigger picture you will be better without these people in your life.

2) Stand up for yourself – this is a New Years resolution I set myself last year. I probably haven’t done this on every occasion needed but I have indeed stuck up for myself a lot more than ever. More so lately in the work place! Which surprised me and all of my colleagues when I stood up for my whole department in a recent meeting with the company’s MD and CFO. It had a very positive outcome and it made me see the difference that fighting for yourself can make.

3) Be confident – own everything. Whether it’s something negative or positive just own it and go with it as best you can. I actually need to listen to this myself as I have an incredibly long list of issues with myself, mostly body hang ups. I should focus more on the good in things rather than the bad. I need to apply this rule more in my life but mostly on myself.

4) Travel, travel & more travel – this is what I have realised later on in life. However I wouldn’t change for the world going to live in Greece at the age of 20. It was the best thing I ever did! I have travelled more in the last 2-3 years and now my sights are set far and oh so wide. I won’t stop ticking that list off.

5) Love – spread it as far as you possibly can. The world needs more of it.

6) Forgive – you never know what will happen and life is way too short to hold grudges. It also enables you to let go of things that are toxic to hold in. They will come back to haunt you so just accept, forgive and let go….

7) Apologise – just say sorry, most of the time it’s probably due anyway.

8) Do what makes YOU happy – this is imperative. It will enhance your soul.

9) You will probably experience a broken heart during this time period – it’s f*#^ing horrendous. It hurts and it’s an awful thing to experience. Only people that have been through this truly know how you feel. No one can ‘imagine’ how it feels. It affects you in all sorts of ways and it can take varying time to get over it. Some people need a few weeks and others a few months. Some people can even take years! However, YOU WILL BE OK!!! At some point you really will be ok. It may cross your mind from time to time and certain things such as songs, places and even smells can trigger memories that may haunt you but it will make you stronger in the long run, it teaches you lessons and majority of the time you end up much better off afterwards.

10) Work isn’t everything – your career is a vital part of your life as you do spend the majority of your time there. I understand that some people are also incredibly career driven but it really isn’t the most important thing in the world. You shouldn’t put it before your nearest and dearest, or yourself for that matter

11) Look after yourself – always look after number 1. No one else will so you should always ensure you are doing all you can to take care in all aspects of life. A healthy body and a healthy mind is all you need to succeed.

12) Say what you’re feeling – you never know when will be the last chance to say what you’re thinking or feeling. So don’t hold it in, ever.

13) Family is everything – to me they are. I understand that not every family is as lucky as mine when it comes to a close and very supportive, loving family. However, you only get one so cherish them regardless or do all you can to make things as good as you possibly can.

14) Friends are important – they are there though thick and thin. If you are as lucky as me you will meet someone who becomes your best friend and never leaves your life. You can spend so much time apart and it just never changes. I met my best friend in the whole world at the age of 5, meaning I have been so blessed to have her in my life for 25 amazing years. I have also acquired some very special people along the way who have given me the best memories I could ever ask for.

15) Regrets? Don’t regret – it eats away at you and chips away at your soul. Do whatever it takes to let it go.

16) Nostalgia is a dirty liar – don’t let it fool you into thinking things were better just because time has given them a rose tinted view. Try to remember the reasons you made certain decisions in your life.

17) Live your life how you want to – don’t let anyone else decide your future. Not everyone has to understand the way you live your life. If you are happy that is all that matters.

18) Don’t sweat the small stuff – because in the grand scheme of things, it’s all small stuff.

Now….onto the next decade of this funny old thing that we call life.


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