Blogging Hiatus – Why?


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Hi everyone!
You will have seen a few times in the last few months that I haven’t been blogging as full time as I usually have done so in the past. A variety of reasons account for this. It isn’t my full time job as much as I would adore it to be and therefore takes a lot of time and more importantly money to keep up.

Having recently changed jobs and house I have had to sacrifice a lot of things and new clothes was the first to stop. For obvious reasons no one wants to see old content and therefore fashion wise I haven’t had anything to blog.

I miss blogging immensely and the second my finances are in order I can’t wait to get back to weekly posts. I try to keep up to date on Instagram with what I’m up to and post the occasional outfit pic on there. For now this is the best I can do.

I popped out with all the girls on Friday night for a very overdue catch up and it was so great to see everyone. I went for a rocky kind of look. You can’t see much lower detail in the pics but I had studded pointed boots on, fishnests under my ripped knee jeans, a Metallica ripped tee, denim shirt, shaggy cardi and choked. All finished off with my beloved lily bag.  You can shop the look by clicking the link under the photo above (or the photo itself).

Miss you all and can’t wait to get back at it as soon as possible.

G x

Some other recent looks, click the picture for links:

Fashion_blog_topshopShop here

Fashion_blog_gucci_tee_styleShop here

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