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UK_fashion_blog_gillianleerose_Ozalia_UggBoots: Ozalia Australia

Happy Australia Day!! What better day to write this post about these amazing new boots. Hands up who else is majorly fed up of this freezing cold weather we are having of late? I am thinking of nothing but summer and planning my getaways to my little Greek island over the next few months. Anyway back to the post…these are absolute lifesavers and I am incredibly happy that Ozalia got in touch with me and let me give their cozy boots a spin. These aren’t your standard winter boots either, read on to find out why.

These, ladies & gentlemen, are wait for it…………..WATER RESISTANT!! Yep, you read that right. Water resistant sheepskin lined boots. Making these stand out from the crowd because you can wear them in rain. To test this out I ran the whole boot under the tap (which I admit I was very nervous to do) but there wasn’t a single mark on the boot to show they had just been under a running tap for 10 seconds. Don’t be scared, give it a go!

They are super thick and claim that they use double the thickness of lining than their competitors, in fact – they back this up by offering Ozalia’s ‘Warmest Boot Guarantee’ that these will be the warmest fleece boots you own or your money back! That’s a pretty bold statement so you know you’re on to a winner here and because of their amazing water resistant coating and stain resistant technology the droplets just run straight off. This, for me, is quite a deal breaker because as much as I love my ankle length UGG boots, I can never wear them in wet weather which kind of defeats the object of wearing them in cold weather to stay warm.

These come in a drawstring velvet bag which keeps them pristine in transit. For me there isn’t much competition when it comes to these and for all their great qualities they come in way lower in price than other branded sheepskin boots. There is a range of styles available which means you can have a couple of different pairs for the same price that other brands sell at for only 1 pair.



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