Summer Break

Hi everyone,

Firstly I should apologise for my absence. I am currently away in Greece all summer and I have decided to have a complete break from blogging while I am here, for a number of reasons. 

I don’t have Internet access in my apartment and I am out all day and night without my laptop. I also just wanted and needed some time out. Blogging takes a lot of time and dedication. I feel I have become stale in my blog posts of late and therefore don’t want to continue with the same content that I am not 100% happy with. I want to bring you fresh content and this is going to need dedicated time when I have it, I don’t want to just rush out poor quality posts in order to just have content available. Towards the end of summer, October time I will be back and using the opportunity of where I am to get some great photos and create a whole host of content for you guys.

I also want to add new content but not entirely sure on which way I want to take the blog yet. I also need some me time, after going through quite a lot last year and hitting some real low points I just need time to be selfish and focus on myself. I am learning new things everyday and sometimes ‘me time’ does you the world of good. I have never been happier than I am right now and I want to continue this fun journey. 

I am still posting all my outfits and pictures of when I’m out and about over on my Instagram – gillianleerose so follow me there to see what I’m up to. 

Thank you for being so understanding and above all patient and sticking around. 


                    Swimsuit : Missguided

6 thoughts on “Summer Break

  1. Enjoy your time Gilly ! And look after yourself . Il look forward to seeing your amazing outfit choices in October 😘 💕 Xxx

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