UK_fashion_blog_gillianleerose_ASOS_New_Look_HMShirt: New Look @ ASOS // Trousers: H&M (similar) // Shoes: ASOS // Bag: Primark // Watch: Michael Kors

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The rain held up for all of 5 minutes on Saturday so I took full advantage and ran out to snap some pics while I had the (rare) chance. Being able to only take blog pictures on weekends means it can be so difficult when the weather isn’t up to scratch, if I miss one weekend of shooting outfits then I have no content for the week that follows which drives me utterly insane. I wish I could blog full time as I would love nothing more than to find amazing locations and hire a photographer for the day and get so many outfits shot. However, having a full time job as well as a busy lifestyle means that fitting the blog (which is as much of a full time job on its own) in with everything is sometimes very hard to do. I try my best to not let it go too long inbetween posts but the reality is it’s hard. Taking photos yourself on your driveway with a tripod, timer and remote is not the easiest especially when it’s rains non stop all day and the wind doesn’t let up (it does provide many pics of ‘blog fails’ though). Trying to get good pictures is beyond difficult so I do very much appareciate all of you that read the blog despite all this.

I am planning to head to London soon with a photographer and get some good shots but this isn’t something I can do every weekend which is such a shame because I hate that the quality of my pictures suffer. I find photography on a fashion blog is just as, if not more, important than sometimes the outfit itself. In some situations an amazing outfit can be let down by low quality photos and I really don’t want this to happen on my blog. I have been putting hard work in for the last 3 years and I want it to grow and reach the standard I want it to be. Anyway, enough about my goals and what I’m working towards for the blog now and back to the clothes!

This boyfriend shirt is a fab addition to any wardrobe. A boyfriend shirt can be so versatile and a fail safe piece to turn to when inspiration doesn’t strike. Team with a pair of sassy leather (or faux if you can’t fork out for the real thing) trousers and voila, you have a pap-worthy outfit. If you want to go that extra fashion-mile then you can add a pair of heels into the mix but if you are doing a lot of running around and you need comfort then flats are the way to go. I’ve gone boyish and opted for lace up suede brogues which is a recent ASOS purchase and I absolutely adore them. They will look amazing with a really off duty look such as rip jeans, a chunky knit jumper and these flats to give it a masculine twist. You could also go for sophisticated pointed loafers to keep it a tad more girly if androgyny isn’t really your thing. I didn’t want to tuck all the shirt in so I did the half tuck instead. I kept the bag simple and just my boyfriend watch as the only accessorie. I kept my lip really sheer and my make up super simple for this laid back look.





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