UK_fashion_blog_gillianleerose_topshop_missguidedBodysuit: Missguided // Jeans: Topshop // Heels: Missguided

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I am a big big fan of the plunge neck, whether it be bodysuits, dresses or playsuits I think they look amazing. This was a quick look put together to show that for a big night out you don’t always need to get completely galmmed up to the max by going all out in a dress but you can still looks just as dressy in a plunge bodysuit, jeans and heels. Especially whent he weather is as icy cold as it is now, putting on a dress and facing the elements isn’t the most appealing idea in the world Bodysuits always look good and there are so many different styles on the market at the moment, you are sure to find one you like. It doesn’t have to be a plunge style either, this is just something I like at the moment.

I got this bodysuit towards the end of summer and wore it in Greece when I was there in October but I didn’t get any blog pics wearing it as I had a little very much needed blogging break over the summer while I was going through some personal things. I wore this white one with my favourite bottoms of the moment, my Missguided coated jeans. I am currently selling my size 8 pair for £15 (I had to get another pair a size down so I will get them on the blog soon because they are amazing), they have only been worn twice so practically new and are still available online for £30! Send me a message if you’re interested.

Back to the blog post….I dug out my Joni jeans which are high waisted and stay super tight at all times. I also wanted to showcase these amazing shoes which I have had for ages but they’ve not made it to the blog yet. I adore them, I may even have to invest in the taupe/nude version too. I added a pink lipstick and added a bright green Barry M Gelly polish to stand out. My hair still had a hint of purple in it which adds a touch more colour to the look and goes well with the pink lips. As the bodysuit is so low cut and there is a lot of lace up detail there is no need for any accessories as this will only draw away from the main focal points. I also have this bodysuit in black and have worn that previously but also not blogged it yet so I will whip up an outfit soon to show you all. I am currently selling loads from my wardrobe after having a big clearout. I will be putting it on Depop and also a ‘For Sale’ album on my blog’s Facebook page which you can find here. I am open to offers so feel free to make them and there is only a third of the stuff listed at the moment. I will be adding a LOT more over the next week or so.






6 thoughts on “04.02.16

  1. Hi. Without sounding like a pervert, can I ask if you wear a bra with this style of bodysuit. I can’t find an appropriate one but I find if you go bra-less, you can see your nipples in white tops. The dilemmas us women have! X

    • Hey! Haha no worries, it took me a while to find a solution. I don’t wear a bra but what I do is buy a big pack of nude plasters from poundland and I use two and put them in an X over the nipples. I find this keeps them in shape and stops them from showing through the top. Also there are some new round nipple covers I’ve just seen for the first time on ASOS. I’ve not tried them yet but will do. Hope this helps!! xx

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