UK_fashion_blog_gillianleerose_ASOS_Topshop_Missguided_PrimarkJacket: Missguided // Jumper: Primark (similar here) // Jeans: Topshop // Shoes: ASOS (black version)

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February is finally here after what seemed like the longest month ever! I, like many other people, am extrememly poor after Christmas and time seems to slow down by about 10 times when you are waiting for payday. I face another long month ahead as my MOT is tomorrow and I will have my fingers crossed all day long that it passes (pray for me!). This means I can’t indulge in my usual shopping habits and won’t have much new stuff to show you this month which is not a fun prospect. Here is a really simple outfit for you to feast your eyes on and show that you can mix tailored pieces like loafers with a casual element like a bomber jacket.

My bomber jacket collection is starting to grow into a rainbow of colours and styles, they are so easy to wear and sometimes it’s nice to not wear a big coat that swallows you up. These still keep you super warm but they are comfortable and lightweight. There is the biggest range available across all sorts of sites but I find my favourites and the majority of my collection is from Missguided. This is fast becoming my go-to site for anything, I’ve already bought my birthday outfit from there and it’s not until March! Knowing me I will probably buy another 5 outfits before my actual birthday, first world problems right there. It is affordable and great quality, meaning you can keep up to date with the latest fashion without breaking the bank.

The jeans are a new ish purchase, I strayed from my usual Topshop Jamies and tested out a new pair. Enter the ‘Cain’ jeans, this new premium style caught my eye whilst out browsing and what I instantly noticed was the amazing quality. They feel a lot thicker and more raw denim than the other jeans so they certainly live up to the premium name. I got the only colour that was available in store at the time but I’m hoping they bring out a darker more intense indigo blue colour, they are really nice for wearing out as smarter evening jeans. They are perfectly cropped just above the ankle bone and slightly high waisted so with a cami top or embroidered tee tucked in and a pair of nude point courts they will look fab.

The jumper was a Primark bargain and it’s super soft with a slight brushed mohair style finish to it. I finished it all off with my bomber jacket and a little necklace. It’s a super casual look as it was only a saturday afternoon of running errands.




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