UK_fashion_blog_gillianleerose_river_island_Primark_ASOSJumper: Primark (similar here) // Skirt: River Island (similar here) // Boots: ASOS

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This weather only calls for one thing….knitwear, knitwear and more knitwear! In my opinion you cannot have enough winter woolies in your wardrobe. I know everyone is different but I don’t tend to really get cold legs so by balancing it all out and wearing a chunky knit on the top half, it means I can bear my legs during the colder months. The cosy roll neck and boots (with thick socks, a good pair of socks really does keep you warm) means I can still wear cute items such as this snake print skirt without catching frostbite. I actually really love a jumper and skirt combo, it mixes things up as I get so bored with wearing jeans sometimes. You can always tucker a sweater into a leather skirt for a more cinched in waist, feminin shape, I personally like a baggy jumper over the skirt but you can totally mix it up.

These boots are a really simple pair of plain black leather pointed chelsea boots and they are an absolutelu unbelievable price at ASOS at the moment, you would be mad not to snap them up. Black boots, especially leather which is tough for winter, are the biggest wardrobe staple and can be worn with almost anything! My hair is on the fade out now which makes me sad, I haveloved having the purple back and had so many compliments on it. I will definitely be doing it again as most people have said how much they loved it. It’s at the slightly awkward stage now where there are just random glimmers of lilac peeking through and some parts are so faded they are almost a pale blue! Give it a couple of weeks and it should be entirely back to blonde again. I have a post on how I did my hair here, for those that are interested.





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