Guess Smartwatch


UK_fashion_blog_gillianleerose_guess_smartwatchWatch: Guess*

I was offered the chance to try out the new smartwatch from Guess, as a girl on the go with a busy lifestyle I thought this would be well worth it so I didn’t constantly need my phone in my hand. Updating my social channels constantly to keep up with my blog and answering tweets, comments and emails can be hard and things can easily be missed due to my phone being in my bag when I am out and about. This watch changed all that! It meant I could keep up with everything and stay on top of my workload. This watch does just about everything you would want a smart watch to do as well as keeping the watch element of it as the main aspect, these are fashionable as well as functional which you don’t really get with some of the other smart watches around.

This watch has a whole host of features; you can make & receive calls, see incoming tweets, texts, emails, whatsapp messages, Instagram likes & comments, Facebook messages, play music, take photos via your phone camera, answer your queries with the use of Siri plus a ton more features too. Phew!! It is available in a few colourways, my favourite was the black and gold but you can also get it in blue and gold (also blue and rose gold) or white and gold. I found this watch an absolute god send when I was driving as I was able to make calls handsfree entirely via the watch. A neat little function of this watch is the ‘leash’ feature, this means if you go a certain distance away from your phone it alerts you to avoid you leaving your phone behind at work. You can turn this on and off though if you tend move about a lot and won’t always have your phone with you. You can also set custom vibrations for each app you connect so you know exactly what you’re being notified about.

All in all this watch was amazing and so handy whilst I was at work as I can’t get my phone out every 2 mins to check all the notifications. Being able to just have a quick glance at my wrist and carry on knowing it’s nothing urgent is really convenient. It’s also a really lovely looking watch too and not so obvious that it’s a smartwatch.

*This watch was provided for this blog post but all views and opinions are my own.



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