Sorrento, Amalfi Coast – Italy





This is going to be more photo heavy than usual – apologies in advance! I recently visited the beautiful city of Sorrento for the wedding of one of my oldest school friends. I fell head over heels in love with the place, it was impossible not to with the stunning scenery, fantastic food and warm welcoming Italian people. I have wanted to see some of Italy for a long time now so it didn’t take me very long to get my RSVP back to her with a big hell yes I’m attending! I wouldn’t have missed it of course, no matter where in the world it was. I asked my best friend and travel buddy if she would like to be my plus one and as I thought there was no hesitation in her answering. We got it all booked up and the countdown began. Read on to hear about my favourite places and the amazing food I had!




We booked BA flights and actually managed to get them at a really good price, after the flights were booked we set about finding accomadation. We looked at a few different booking sites at various hotels and B&Bs and we ended up doing it all through This was such an easy site to book via, it was all very seamless and straight forward, we settled on the Sorrento Inn B&B.

You fly into Naples airport which is about an hour transfer to Sorrento (give or take a while depending on when you travel, what day etc – we flew in on a weekend and also the biggest holiday of the summer so there was more traffic than usual). There are a few ways you can get to Sorrento, either by train, taxi or the option we picked which is the Curreri Viaggi bus service. I had researched into the best transfer to take before hand to work out cost and timings. The bus seemed to be by far the cheapest option and it was so straight forward.



Taxis can start from €85 and some quotes I got were as high as €130! The train (known as Circumvesuviana) is also available and is quite cost effective. A single ticket will only cost you €4. Return tickets for use on the day are available, at around €7. However, you need to be able to get from the airport into Naples centre to be able to catch the train and a lot of forums advised against this (especially at the peak time of season). The bus service we used was available right outside the departure doors and it was only €10 per person. Much cheaper than a taxi, you just put your cases underneath and jump on. We had the friendliest and politest driver too which made it all the more enjoyable. By taking the bus you get to see the scenery on the way to Sorrento which was another bonus. As I mentioned we arrived on the busiest day of the year so traffic was at an all time high but even so it only took two hours which I didn’t think was too bad considering a taxi takes an hour.

We got dropped at the Sorrento train station and according to Google maps our B&B was only 12 mins walking distance. However, being fashion obsessed girls we had a ton of luggage and didn’t fancy the trek with all our cases so we waited at the taxi rank for no longer than about 5 minutes before a friendly guy turned up. I am glad we settled on a taxi because our B&B wasn’t the easiest to find. If you decide to stay here than the best way to ask for directions or to tell a taxi driver where you’re staying is next to the Verde Villagio camp site. We were greeted by the lovely owner Alex who welcomed us in, gave us a nice cold drink and told us about the B&B as well as being super helpful by giving us a map of the area, reccomendations on where to go and what to see. He was a really lovely guy and when me and my friend SJ return we said we would 100% stay at his B&B again.



The city itself is just beautiful, we dumped our stuff and headed straight out to grab a bite to eat and have a look around. We were only about 6-8 minutes from Piazza Tasso, this is the main square that everything else leads off of. We spotted a busy restaurant and after looking at the menu with our mouths watering we went in to refuel. The place was called Bar Syrenuse and this is where I had my first real taste of Italy, I tried the gnocchi Sorrento style (in a tomato sauce with mozzarella) and OH. MY. WORD! It was so good that we returned a few days later to fit in another meal before we departed. One day we decided to do the train tour which pulls up outside Bar Syrenuse. It was only about 5 euros and it takes you all around the main centre of the city. You get a set of headphones that you can plug in and learn all about the history of the area. It was really fun and a good way to see some of the places that you wouldn’t think to go to by foot.

Every place we went had to die for food. Cafe Latino do amazing stone baked proper Italian pizzas. I actually opted for the Ravioli al pesto con noci di Sorrento which was homemade pasta filled with ricotta and mozzarella, with pesto and walnuts (this can be seen in the picture above). Other delights I got to taste was the spinach filled canneloni at Rostorante ‘O Parrucchiano La Favorita. This was the cutest place, it was like a sky garden with vines and greenery hanging above. You felt like you were sat in a jungle but you were inside. One of my favourite places was the Foreigners Club, they had a huge menu and so many options jumped out that I wanted to try. I had read a lot of good reviews about this place so myself and my friend decided to save this till our last night. Best decision we made, we ended the trip on one of the nicest meals I have ever had. I had wanted to try risotto during my trip as where else better to try it than Italy?! I had risotto with porcini mushrooms, parmesan and rocket. It was sooooo good, my mouth is watering just thinking about it. If you head to Sorrento this place is definitely one to try.


The food was beyond amazing! Every single meal I had was better than the last and we didn’t have one meal that was even average, let alone bad. We decided to try something new every day and we had certain typical Italian dishes that we both wanted to try.

One of our favourite spots was right in the Piazza Tasso, there is a restaurant that turns into a bar at night time after they stop serving food called Fauno Notte. It had wifi so we used to do our online catching up whilst sipping on cocktails and it is right smack bang in the centre of the square meaning that it’s the best people watching spot in the area. The Piazza Tasso seems to be the main meet up place for locals and if you love watching the world go by as much as myself and my friend then this is a bar you want to visit. We always got a seat at one of the tables along the front and the cocktails are so good too. They give you a little selection of snacks with your drinks too which is a nice added extra. They also do a mean hot chocolate! We didn’t eat here as we always spent our evenings here after having our meal elsewhere but it was always busy and the food looked good.

If you are an ice cream fan then you absolutely must try some gelato from Primavera, we passed this place a couple of times on our first day and it was always heaving. We thought it must be a well known place and when somewhere is always packed you know it’s got to be good. At night times they bought hot plates out and made crepes in the street too. We ended up paying this place a couple of visits as there was far too many flavours to try in one sitting. They had every flavour imaginable. From gelato to sorbets and even milk free ice cream! It was 7 euros for a tub with two of the biggest scoops of two different flavours I have ever seen, so although it sounds pricey you get a lot of ice cream for your money. Inside the walls were filled with pictures of famous people that have visited the parlour and we were even told by two Italian friends that we made that we must go there to try it. My rule is if the locals like it then it must be worth a visit.

To be honest we had fantastic meals wherever we went, whether it was lunch or dinner it didn’t matter it was just all so good. The location we stayed was perfect, so near to the centre but not too near that it was noisy. The owner was lovely and couldn’t have been more helpful. The city kept a little piece of our hearts so we will definitely be returning again. We are thinking to make it a longer trip and see some other places in Italy too like Rome and Venice. There are also some things we wanted to do on this trip but simply didn’t have the time. We want to visit Pompeii and the beautiful neighbouring town of Positano. We also want to make a little trip out to the gorgeous island of Capri. There is so much still to do so without a doubt we will see our lovely Sorrento again, it’s just a case of how soon…






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