Summer Nights

UK_fashion_blog_Missguided_ASOS_River Island

UK_fashion_blog_Missguided_ASOS_River Island

UK_fashion_blog_Missguided_ASOS_River IslandDress: Missguided // Shoes: River Island @ ASOS // Bag: ASOS

Saturday night was upon us so that obviously means getting dolled up and hitting the town. I did a really last minute spree on Missguided which got delivered the day before I flew off to Italy and this dress was one of my purchases. I realised when packing that all my wardrobe consisted of was shift shapes and baggier styles, I didn’t own anything bodycon or figure hugging. I don’t like to stick to the same look all the time, it’s good to mix it up a bit so I set about finding a few Saturday night dresses I could snap up to hit the clubs in. This burgundy shade is a great colour to complement a summer golden glow and I also think it goes well with blonde hair too. I don’t have the Kardashian deriere unfortunately that this style of dress was made for but hey, we can’t have it all can we?

It was about a thousand degrees (ok, slight exaggeration but not far off!) and it definitely wasn’t the weather to be wearing my hair down. I am really not a hair up kind of girl, unless it’s thrown up when I am at work where no one sees me anyway. I didn’t have much choice because it was unbearable to even think about having it down so I chucked it up into a messy ponytail (as we had been at the beach all day it needed to be washed which you girls know makes it sooo difficult to create any texture or a messy pony/bun with super clean hair, so please excuse the flatness of it all).

The design of the dress was more suited to having hair up becasue it has the strappy v neck which would have been covered otherwise. It’s a really comfortable dress to wear despite it being so bodycon. It has a nice thick material which pulls you in at all the right places but not too thick that it’s too hot to wear. I opted for nude accesories as burgundy and nude kind of go hand in hand. I am really happy I had a last minute online spree because I’ve already worn this dress a couple of times and I have no doubt I will again soon. It’s a good colour to take from summer with a nice through to winter because of the deep berry shade.

UK_fashion_blog_Missguided_ASOS_River Island

UK_fashion_blog_Missguided_ASOS_River Island

UK_fashion_blog_Missguided_ASOS_River Island


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