UK_fashion_blog_ASOS_TIGITop: River Island @ ASOS // Jeans: ASOS

Shoes: River Island @ ASOS // Bag: ASOS

Arm Bangle: Catriona Rose // Watch: Michael Kors

All Hair Products: S Factor TIGI @ ASOS

After going through a colour nightmare last year I unfortunately had to go an all over dark colour to fix the mess and have my healthy previously uncoloured long locks chopped off, it was traumatic to say the least. A year down the line and it is getting there on the growing front and is finally the bright blonde colour I want it to be thanks to an awesome hairdresser. I have had a couple of big chops last year and again this Jan/Feb (they were much needed after what my hair had been through) but now I am back to small trims as I want it back to it’s original long length again. It also has bleach in it now as I love it to be an ashy blonde which means I need to be extra careful with how I treat it. I got the chance to try out some amazing TIGI products thanks to the lovely people at ASOS (thank you Lindsey!). I am 100% sold on these products! They have made a world of difference to my hair after such a short amount of use.

 I washed my hair using the Stunning Volume shampoo (which smells amazing) then followed up with the Serious Conditioner (again smells unreal, kind of the theme of all these products). I left the conditioner on for about 5 mins to really let it sink in and get to work. When I took my hair out the towel (I try not to roughly towel dry my hair as it’s not good for it and causes damage so I just let the towel soak up as much moisture as possible) I used my trusty tangle teezer to brush it all through. I gave it a generous spritz of Moisturising Spray and used my fingers to run it through from roots to ends, focusing more so on the dry ends.


I let it start to dry naturally while I did my make up and when it was still a touch damp I then sprayed through the Flat Iron Spray which is a heat defence spray. I never blow dry my hair normally, I am very lucky to have pretty much poker straight hair but I was going out and pushed for time so this spray was very helpful to add extra protection. I blow dryed my hair roughly, it’s fairly thin so it really doesn’t take much for me to dry it. I didn’t need to finish with straighteners as it was so sleek from the blowdry and mix of products used that there was no need at all. Sometimes if I am running super late and there is a kink or two I just run the GHD’s over my hair but the products made my hair so soft and straight I was delighted at the results and it saved me time on not having to get my straighteners out (less stress for my hair to go through too). To calm the hair and to finish it off I rubbed together a small blob of the Smoothing Lusterizer in my hands and gently smoothed it throughout my hair.This gave it a lovely shine and tamed any little stray flyaways to give an overall sleek, straight look.

Now onto the clothes….This suedette burgundy cami jumped out at me straight away, it is a lovely texture and the colour is amazing (will be even better with a summer glow). The skinny jeans are the most comfortable pair I own, they are a nice soft stretch fabric with a high waist and ankle grazer length is a bold mid blue hue. Moving on to the shoes dreams are made of, simple but gorgeous. I love nude heels and I think they complement the burgundy top perfectly. They have a gold chain over the toe strap which adds a nice touch of detail and they match perfectly with my nude clutch. I didn’t accessorize much only going for a watch, arm bangle and a couple of rings. The bold colour and texture of the top was enough on its own and I think anything else added would have been too much. I can’t wait to pair this top with denim cut offs and some gold sandals when I am on holiday.





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