My Top 3 Bucket List Destinations

Northern Lights Bucket List


Transun are currently running a competition in which you can win a trip for 2 to see the Northern Lights, which I must admit is very high up on my own bucket list so it would be beyond awesome to win this competition. In order to win you have to share your top 3 bucket list destinations and why these places have earnt a coveted spot on your list. Trying to whitle it down to just the 3 was a very difficult task indeed, the world is huge and there are so many wonderful places to visit and awe inspiring things to see. Aside from the obvious places like The Great Wall Of China, The Great Barrier Reef and Machu Picchu I have a few other places I would like to tick off before I ‘kick the bucket’ as it were.

1. Lake Hillier aka Pink Lake – Australia


Pink_Lake_australia_bucket_listThis place is an incredible site and when I first discovered it existed I actually thought it was the magic of photo shop! It is a lake that sits right on the coast and the water is an unbelievable bright bubblegum pink. This is due to the high salt content in the water reacting with the algae and the hot weather to create the vibrant Disney-looking water in this wonderful shade of pink. I MUST visit this place one day and witness it first hand because who on earth wouldn’t want to see a completely natural pink lake. It’s the kind of place that you really must see to believe. It is generally only this colour during the summer months as the weather is a big factor in creating this unbelievable site. Although it’s not advised to swim in these pink lakes it would still be a stunning piece of natural beauty to stand in front of.


2. Waitomo Gloworm Cave, New Zealand



How amazing does this look? I first discovered this cave of glimmering creatures a while back and have been longing to go ever since. I know New Zealand is a stunning place already with breathtaking landscapes but with hidden treasures like this to visit it sets the bar high for a must go destination. I lived in Corfu, Greece for 6 years and every year at the end of April/beginning of May the Island is filled with fireflies which is an incredible thing to see. Before living here I used to think they were more a thing of mystery but when I saw my first firefly I was stunned by it’s beauty and ability to create a little glowing light from its body. Fields used to twinkle like little fairy lights dotted all over and it really was beautiful.

I can only imagine this cave to be a million times more stunning and create a real feel of magic as you slowly meander through the caves on a boat. I would love more than anything to be able to visit these caves and see these amazing little gloworms beyond the realms of Google image. The pictures make it seem like something from a sci-fi movie or even created using CGI but I am sure it doesn’t do it any kind of justice for how it really looks in real life. Hopefully one day I can let you know.


3. Miracle Garden, Dubai




This place may not seem like a usual bucket list destination but it is most certainly somewhere I would love to visit and it’s staying firmly put on my list until I get to tick it off. I adore flowers and especially when they come in bright vibrant shades of pinks and oranges. This place seems like a wonderful colour filled garden of what can only be described as happiness personified. Dubai doesn’t do anything by halves and this is no exception. It has more than 45 million flowers in a huge array of designs. There is also 45 different varieties of flowers used to create these eye catching pieces, that is a LOT of flowers! As well as all these beautiful creations and layouts you can visit the newly opened butterfly garden and witness some of the prettiest creatures on earth. Walking around this place you are sure to feel like you’ve stepped right into the Alice in Wonderland film.

It was hard to pick between the Miracle Garden or Keukenhof in the Netherlands for a place in my top 3 destinations. I still very much want to visit Keukenhof which is one of the worlds biggest flower gardens and it is also on my bucket list as a must see but The Miracle Garden just pipped it to the post due to the sheer scale of grandeur and all the amazing structures they have created.





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