Summer Is Over


Dress: Primark

Shoes: River Island

Belt: H&M

Necklace: H&M

Bag: Primark

How beautiful is this sunset? There is nothing more amazing than a good view and a bright orange setting sun. I wore this textured cream dress that I got from Primark for an absolute steal at £9!I added a bunch of colours by wearing a bright gem statement necklace and a leopard print belt. I got these gorgeous gold sandals years ago from River Island and they are still ging strong. The ankle strap adds a more dressed up feel to an outfit and of course they have to be gold. The beautiful beaded coloured bag was also a bargain Primark purchase. It was £10 and it reminds me of something I would find at a market on holiday.

I also bought this dress in navy which I regret not taking on holiday with me and navy with a tan looks pretty damn good. I might take it away with me when I go again in September. It’s a fairly thick material so you can carry this dress through to winter without feeling the cold too much. With a pair of boots and a leather jacket it would look really nice. I unintentionally matched up my nails to the pink in the necklace and bag but that’s only because pink nails are my favourite and what I tend to wear most often.





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