Bikini Top: Triangl*
Bikini Bottoms: Traingl*

I have been lusting over Triangl bikinis and underwear sets on Instagram for forever. Trying to decide between all the amazingness as to which one I would take the plunge and buy was almost impossible. When I was checking my inbox one day I received an email from the lovely Emma at Triangl that made it feel like Christmas had come early.

I was very kindly offered a set from either their underwear or swimwear range. It took me a while to narrow it down and finally decide on which one I wanted but after drooling over the ‘Lucie’ underwear set in candy pink for ages they finally made it into a swimwear version, enter the ‘Milly‘. When I laid eyes on it I knew I had to have that one.

It’s bright popping pink colour catches the eye and looks amazing with a killer tan. It’s also made in neoprene fabric (scuba material) which means it keeps it’s shape and stays smooth and firm to the touch. I was so excited when I opened my package and saw the well known Triangl gift box and was even worse when I opened it to reveal the gorgeous bikini inside. It fits perfectly and I couldn’t be happier with it.

What’s even more amazing is that you can pick the sizing of the set as separates. So if you are not the same size top and bottom you can pick the best size for you (if buying a neoprene set then I recommend sizing up in the bottoms if you usually worry about it digging in). This is one thing that bothers me when buying bikinis, most people I know are not the same size top and bottom and unless you buy two sets which no one has the spare money to do, you have to leave it behind in the shop.

This bikini has most definitely set my obsession rolling and next on my ‘to buy’ list is the beautiful ‘Billy Firefly‘ and the ‘Milly’ in Santa Rosa Splash. After these two I want to buy a couple of underwear sets as I am a sucker for matching underwear and when it’s as cute as these then it’s hard to resist.

I would highly recommend Triangl swimwear to anyone as it’s beautiful, great quality and makes you feel good when it’s on which is the most important thing because if you feel good, you look good. Even if you’re sporting a holiday hangover by the pool or on the beach and you’re not feeling so good, stick on a Triangl bikini and you look good anyway!








11 thoughts on “Triangl

  1. Hey, would you be able to tell me the size of the bikini please? I’m looking to buy one and trying to look at the sizes on real people!! Thanks 🙂 xx

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