My YouTube Debut!


Okaaay so I finally delved into the big bad world of YouTube and started my own channel!

It is A LOT harder to get going than I thought. I have only filmed two videos so far and I know that like blogging it will get easier and better the more I do. The first video was filmed on an older camera and the sound was really not good and the picture wasn’t much better but I’d spent so long filming and editing it I decided to go ahead and upload it.

The second video although a vast improvement on the first is still not at the standard I want it. (Silly old me only left a bloomin’ lamp on behind me which made the video look really dark!)

However I am learning as I go and determined to make it better and better with each video.

I will mostly be uploading fashion related vlogs, mainly hauls and OOTD videos with a few lookbook a thrown in but if enough people asked for a specific video then I’d be happy to give it a whirl.

You can find me at

Or when you’re on YouTube if you just enter gillianleerose in the search bar my videos & other activity (videos I’ve liked etc) will come up.

Please subscribe to my channel so you can keep up to date and see my new videos as I upload them and if you like the videos please give them a thumbs up.

Thank you to all my readers and everyone who has subscribed on my blog and on my YT channel so far. You have all been amazing.

I love getting nice comments and tweets from my regular readers, it keeps me going but it’s also great to gain new readers too so please tell your friends and family about my blog if high street fashion is their thing!





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