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uk_high_street_fashion_blog_gillian_lee_rose_outfit_style_ootd_ASOS_topshop_wiwt_gillianleeroseCardigan: ASOS

Breton Tee: Topshop

Jeans: Topshop (Joni)

Boots: River Island

Willow Dupe Bag: eBay

Necklace: eBay

Yesterday I attended my third event at ASOS as an Access All ASOS Insider. It was a social media talk given by the lovely Sedge Beswick who told us all about how she worked her way up the social media ladder and ended up at ASOS. It was pretty impressive to hear how far she has come since leaving university. On arrival we were greeted with yummy drinks and food and some specially made social media cupcakes.


It wasn’t your usual school day as we were all given ‘social bingo’ cards which had the most random words including unicorn and cactus. After a little intro we got into the facts and figures of social media. It was really interesting to hear how the use of social media has grown over the years. We learnt that it took 38 years for 50 million people to use a radio but it took just 80 days for 50 million people to use an iPad. We were told the ins and outs of social media and the good, the bad and the what went totally wrong to the point where companies had to shut down their Facebook pages and twitter accounts to stop from social melt down.

After the talk we were given a tour of the offices and studios, I already got the opportunity to do this at the selfie school day but I couldn’t resist another opportunity to look around. We were lucky enough to see a model in action, we first saw her do the famous ASOS catwalk which was pretty cool to be stood there and see it happen right in front of us after watching endless catwalk clips on the website. We then went through to the photography studio and saw the model do her thing and pose for the shots used on the ASOS site. It was definitely one of my highlights of the day, she made it look so effortless. I must say she was brilliant considering all us insiders were there watching her, taking pictures and videos when she is used to having only a few people in the studios while she works.

The model on the catwalk
Looking gorgeous whilst being photographed for the site

At the end of the day we were given a pub quiz to see if we were clued up on the stats throughout the day. I won two prizes for knowing who had the most twitter followers out of Bieber, Gaga and Katy Perry (It’s Katy P FYI) The next question was what was the most retweeted tweet ever to date? The answer was the tweet Barack Obama sent when he became president, I didn’t know this but I did know the next answer which was a follow on. They asked why ASOS were particularly pleased about this tweet and it was because Michelle Obama was wearing an ASOS dress (the red and white checked one which has sold out countless times since she wore it). I managed to bag myself a pair of mens Christmas socks (for the boyf) and a cool Happy Jackson notebook.

The day was brilliant as expected and again the ASOS team did a fantastic job for us insiders and made the day fun, enjoyable and educational. Thank you Sedge for the talk and all the advice you gave us to help us with our social skills and thank you to Hannah for the tour and info you gave us, you were the perfect guide. Thank you also to the rest of the ASOS team there yesterday who were lovely and constantly offering us drinks and nibbles.

It was the last ASOS insiders event before the new year and I am glad that I have got to be a part of it. There is a new bunch of insiders joining in the new year so it will be fab to meet some new people. I have loved meeting new bloggers through the access all ASOS programme and I enjoyed my day with the lovely Sarah from That Pommie Girl. She is an absolute gem and her style is amazing so definitely go and check her blog out. I can’t wait for the next event in the new year and what ASOS will have on offer.




The most beautiful dress from the spring summer ’14 range
My social bingo card
A glimpse of the male model wall


2 thoughts on “ASOS Social Media School

  1. looks like an amazing day! hopefully i’ll be able to attend some events in the new year – it’s such a pain living in Scotland sometimes!

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