Daisy Crazy



I thought as I haven’t done a nail related post for a long time that I would jump back in and give you guys a really quick and easy nail design that you can easily recreate at home.

A while back I did a cute daisy design on  my nails. I went for a pastel peach colour as the background. It was from Barry M but I can’t off the top of my head remember the name and I don’t have it with me at the moment. I went for the classic white petal and yellow center daisies.

To do this design all you need is a pack of dotting tools which you can buy off eBay for about £2 for a pack of 5 double ended dotters in various sizes. So really it’s £2 for 10 tools which is amazing value!

The first step is to file and shape your nails to your desired shape. After this you must always apply a base coat. This is an important step that a lot of people skip but it’s so important to stop your nails from becoming stained but also to help the manicure last a lot longer. You don’t want a pretty design that you worked so hard on to chip 24 hours after you’ve done it now do you?!

You then apply 2 coats of the colour you want as your background, which can be any colour of the rainbow you wish. Once dry you then need to decide what colour petals and center you want. I went for white to keep to a classic daisy design. Blob a bit of polish onto a piece of card or magazine cover. Anything it can’t soak into will work.  For the petals you need a larger dotting tool and for the center also but for the inside of the petals you need a slightly smaller one. Gently dip your dotting tool into the polish and start to apply dots in a circle (5 usually works best) on your nails. Place them randomly wherever you want the daisies to be. If I use a really large dotting tool I do about 2 and a half daisies per nail or if I use a smaller tool I dot about 3-4 depending on size with a few of the daisies going off the edge of the nail. That bit is important to make the design flow and not make every nail look the same.

Once you have put the petals on all nails wait a little for them to dry and then it’s the inside of the petal area that is applied next. For this part you can either use the same colour as the background to make the shape of the petals appear perfectly rounded and drawn on or you can use black like I have done here. I have used both methods a number of times. I just like to change it up a bit sometimes and use a mixture of both styles. For this part you dip your smaller than petal size dotting tool into the polish and then go over each petal placing your tool slightly inside the petal dots. repeat this on all flowers on all nails.

The last part of the design once the previous step is dry, is to go over all the nails and add the center dot. For this you will need to go back to your larger dotting tool and just place a dot in the center of each flower.

Once this is dry your design is finished and you just need to add a topcoat for an extra bit of gloss and to keep your design lasting as long as possible. I always use Seche Vite, for me it is the only choice of top coat as I find it dries so fast and keeps nails strong but also it is the only top coat I have found never to smudge my nail art.

Show your flower nail art designs, tag me on instagram or tweet me your pictures (both @gillianleerose)

Below is an example of how the design looks when you use the same background colour inside of the petals.



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