UK_fashion_high_street_blogger_style_outfit_ootd_gillianleerose_gillian_lee_rose_wiwt_lookbook_streetstyleDress: Topshop

Shirt: Topshop

Necklace: Primark

Boots: Matalan

As it came back around to my favourite day of the week, Saturday! It could only mean one thing….getting dolled up and heading out!

I opted for a dress I bought last year and admittedly have only worn it once. I know, naughty naughty. It’s a really gorgeous dress and I decided on this colour because I could see myself getting a lot of wear from it as opposed to the canary neon yellow/lime version which doesn’t particularly suit my skin tone or the burgundy version which I felt was a very ‘festive’ colour and can only really be worn around Christmas. Now I know that may sound silly because burgundy is a real Autumn/Winter colour in general and can be worn at times other than Christmas but the style of the dress is quite a formal structure and so unfortunately the burgundy paired with the cut of the dress just felt a little too dark and dressy when it was on.

I wanted to add a couple of extra elements to my outfit because on it’s own it felt fairly bland. The waist is cut slightly higher than usual, it is cinched in around the bottom of the ribcage to create a slight hourglass silhouette, so a belt doesn’t look quite right. I decided to add extra detail around the neck area by wearing a denim shirt underneath the dress. This also added to the warmth as bare legs in October can be a bit chilly. Not quite UK weather but an extra layer definitely wouldn’t go a miss.

A collar adds a more sophisticated smart feel to any outfit and gives the perfect frame for a statement necklace. The best way for me to wear a necklace and a collar is to keep the necklace on a short chain just leaving it peeking out from the middle section of the collar opening.

A/W is all about mixing textures and this dress is perfect for that due to its grey marl mix. The texture has a slight bobbly feel to it and the speckled appearance gives it a bit of character rather than a plain jersey sweater style materal. The cuffs and neckline are jumper style and slightly darker in contrast to the dress. The arms are nice and long in length but could be turned up if you wished to. The round crew neck is perfect for wearing a collar underneath or layering a necklace over as it is the perfect shape.

The dress is a real investment piece even though it was fairly cheap to start with, i can’t remmebr exactly but around the 30 pound mark. Which for a dress that can be worn from Autumn right through to Spring is a brilliant price. The dress looks just as good with tights or for the warmer times bare legs as I have done here.  It can be worn in numerous ways as I have showin because you can layer different items over or under it to create different looks. The colour will never go out of style and now that I have got this baby back out the wardrobe I will most definiteky be wearing it a lot more throughout this season.

You may have also noticed my hair is a different colour to usual. I fancied a change so I got the hair chalks out and mixed purple, pink and blue throughout the ends to create this cute pastel pinky purple hue. It washes out the next wash so its a fun easy way to experiment with crazy colours for the weekend and still look respectable come Monday morning back at the office.

Have any of you experimented with hair chlaks before?





6 thoughts on “Bouclé

  1. Hi Gillian,

    Absolutely love the outfit! I searched for the boots on Matalan’s website but no luck, are they a recent purchase?

    • Hi, thank you very much 🙂
      The boots are a few months old and as they were only £22 they probably didn’t last too long in store and online. Possibly try searching on eBay? Xxx

    • I love the chalks because you can change it so often and mix colours together. Definitely need serum otherwise it feels a little dry without it. Love the necklace too, can’t believe it was only £5! Xx

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