The Last Days Of Sun


fashion_blog_gillian_lee_rose_gillianleerose_Styleblog_topshop_asos_streetstyle_wiwt_ootd_uk_fashion_blogger_high_street_H&MTop: Topshop
Shirt: Topshop
Jeans: Topshop
Shoes: Matalan
Bag: H&M
Necklace: Urban Outfitters
Sunglasses: Ray Ban

If you follow my Instagram (@gillianleerose) you would have seen that the weather has taken a glorious turn and it seems we have a few more days of sunshine to squeeze out of the disappearing Summer. It has been unbelievable weather for so late in October but I am certainly not complaining because soon it will be back to rainy, cold England for me. As much as I love dressing up sometimes it’s so nice just to go casual and comfy. Comfort doesn’t necessarily mean joggers and hoodies though.

I definitely made the most of the sunshine by getting out of the house as much as possible. In the last couple of days I’ve gone to the wonderfully pretty Corfu town and also gone a few times to my favourite place in the world, Akrotiri. If you have followed my previous posts or my Instagram you will see I spend quite a bit of time there and hopefully the pictures can show you why.

It sits conveniently behind my parents house in Corfu so when they are over here they make full use of their ‘local’ too. It’s perched high on the cliff top and over looks the bays on either side of the headland. The roof terrace allows for a 360 degree view of sun, sand and sea all around. It is by far THE best place to see a sunset and you would not be disappointed. I like to go for a coffee here as often as possible and I always have my favourite, iced cappuccino with vanilla ice cream. I’m also partial to the odd waffle/brownie/chocolate soufflé and ice cream too.

Back to the clothes, I love to rock a Breton tee. They are one of the staple daytime items that I wear again and again. I’ve also worn this on a night out tucked into a high waist faux leather skirt and with a chunky statement necklace. That’s how versatile they are and I think everyone should own one. They really go with everything so for a not so expensive item you get so much wear out of it.

I also adore my denim shirt. Since buying this is have worn it so many times that it’s nearing that time when I need to get a new one. I’m funny with denim shirts, they have to be the right shade of denim and the right fit. Not too baggy and not too fitted, somewhere in between the two.
So I will start the hunt soon because I know it will take me a while to find one I want and I don’t want this one to die on me in the mean time. I’ve recently given it some TLC and stitched a couple of thinning areas up so I’ve bought myself a bit of time.

The jeans are my camel Jamie’s that have also served me very well since buying them. I mostly wear them rolled up at the ankle now because they are quite big on me and this kind of nips the ankle in a bit keeping it tight which I like.

The shoes were a bargain I picked up while at Matalan. I hadn’t been to one before because there wasn’t one near me but one recently opened not so far away so I ventured out with my mum and it was fab! I picked up these white pumps with small gold studs, the same but in navy blue (with a white sole though), a white & blue bikini and the most gorgeous pair of ankle boots with gold buckles. I’d been searching for a pair of boots like that for so long but none had been quite good enough until I bagged the last pair in Matalan which happened to be my size. That kind of thing never happens to me so I most definitely took it as a sign that I had to buy them. They were an unbelievable £22 and I’ve worn them loads.

These shoes are brilliant because I’m really not a trainer girl at all. Converse and Vans are pushing it with me so these are perfect to wear with jeans and most casual outfits. The little mini stud detail is subtle but noticeable at the same time. The colours I picked up are perfect too as they go with everything.

I got the satchel back in April for a good price of £14.99 and it’s great because it’s not too big so it’s handy for putting your essentials in and doesn’t break your shoulder. It fits my iPad snugly into it as well which is a bonus.

The glasses were the first pair of Ray Bans I bought which kick started my obsession. I only wear Ray Ban. Not because I am boring and don’t want to try others but simply because I’ve never found a pair from any other brand that a) I like or b) suit me.

I got these when I used to work for British Airways and that was back in 2007 and they are still in perfect condition. I really look after my sunnies by keeping them in their case and putting them in it whenever I am not using them. The case comes everywhere that the glasses do as I won’t risk scratching them. I also keep the glasses cloth in it too because I can’t stand smudged lenses. I NEVER ever put sunglasses on my head either. This totally ruins them and stretches the arms out which result in them becoming more and more loose on your face. I think having these from 2007 with not a single mark on them shows you how these little things help keep them as if they were new. I also have a few other pairs of Ray Bans as I need to wear sunglasses for 3/4 of the year and I just switch between the different styles depending on what I’m wearing, how I’m feeling or if I have my hair up or down.

What’s your favourite brand of sunglasses and why? Do you look after yours or are you more of a chuck down till I need em kind of gal. Let me know. tweet me @gillianleerose.

Also I have a little bit of exciting news to share. I found out 2 days ago that I got accept into the ASOS programme ‘Access All ASOS’ which is a platform for all avid ASOS fans, which I most definitely am! They only selected a limited amount of people which makes me feel even more honoured to have been chosen, there was 3 applicants to each space available.

I received a really personalised goody box and a handwritten, yes you read that right, letter welcoming me to the programme and even showing that they’ve really looked into their applicants by mentioning little things about you and tailoring the gifts specifically to your interests. It’s an amazing and exciting opportunity and I can’t wait to get going with everything and involved with the whole Access All ASOS experience.





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