uk_fashion_blog_high_street_gillianleerose_gillian_rose_style_ootd_outfit_how_to_wear_clothesuk_fashion_blog_high_street_gillianleerose_gillian_rose_style_ootd_outfit_how_to_wear_clothesTop: Topshop // Jeans: Topshop

Shoes: Topshop (similar here) // Jacket: H&M

Necklace: Sarah Chloe (custom made) // Watch: Michael Kors

Nail Polish: OPI ‘A Roll In The Hague’ (Holland Collection)

Not a very long post today, the last few have been on the longer side of things so I have decided to keep it short and sweet for you. I was heading out for cocktails so I decided to dress up a little bit I went for a more smart/dressy combo as I don’t tend to go for smarter styles too often and it’s nice to change things up a bit sometimes. I didn’t go the whole hog as I opted for flats rather than heels as I just wasn’t in a mega ‘heels’ mood.

I picked out this beautiful beaded top in a nude blush tone. The detailing on the top is so delicate and it is quite heavily beaded so it hangs nicely when it’s on. I went for my newest addition to my skinny jean family in the mottled blue Joni jeans. They are the perfect fit and so comfortable that you can easily wear them all night whether you are eating, drinking, dancing or sitting. They go so well with everything. The high waist means they are great for cropped length tops you have that you want to carry on wearing into Autumn/Winter. The stretch means they are like a second skin when on so they stay nice and tight and don’t bag up at all, I reccommend going a size down to keep them nice and fitted but it’s worth trying them on first if you are unsure. All the shades they come in offer a wide range of choice too so you can get a pair for every occassion. They are the perfect tightness around the ankle and this is a deal breaker for me, as I find some skinnies do not sit so snug around the ankle and tend to bunch up which just doesn’t look so great with certain heels. They are an unbelieveable price for what you are getting too so you really can’t go wrong. If you don’t want to wear crop tops then they look just as good with longer style tops or more oversized shirts as the skinny leg balances out the bagginess so it doesn’t make you look bigger than you are. For me it’s alll the boxes I want ticked when jean shopping!

I wanted to wear flats so I wore these pointed ones with a baby pink suede toe area and black embellished heel area. I like the detail on the back of the shoes, it is easy to forget it’s there but really makes the shoes stand out. These aren’t available any more but Topshop do have some gorgeous different colour versions. Just search ‘Marnie’ on the Topshop website and there are 3 versions left….in the sale! Go grab a bargain, I just hope your size is available. I also have the black and leopard ones which are just adorable.

I got this jacket way back in March but I haven’t worn it loads because its been too hot throughout summer to wear jackets. It was only 19.99 which I think is such a good price for something this cute. I love the burgundy against the nude blush colour, I think they work so well together. It’s just the right length and the little ruched detail on the front adds an extra touch. I like that the sleeves are full length, I usually roll them back once as I love the colour of the lining and in this case it goes perfectly with the main colour of my top and shoes.

My nails were painted before I picked this outfit out hence why they don’t go so well. It is an OPI colour I got in my Company Magazine goody bag from the blog awards back in May, The colour is ‘A Roll In The Hague’. Its a bright reddy orange which is a really good colour for Summer, especially on toes it would look fab. I had only just got around to trying it to see the colour and I just left it on for a couple of days.

I really like this whole look over all, I finished it off with a darker shade of lipstick as a bright pink just wouldn’t have looked right. I mixed two together to make a slightly darker more berry colour which was slightly lighter and more purple toned than the jacket.

I’m on the hunt for the perfect dark berry/plum lipstick at the moment so if you have any recommendations please let me know. Tweet me or let me know by commenting, emailing or even commenting on my instagram.

Hope you all had a lovely weekend!





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