Frills & Bows



Top: Topshop
Jeans: New Look
Shoes: New Look
Belt: H&M

I wasn’t a fan of the whole peplum thing when it first hit the scene a while ago but I’ve slowly grown to quite like that little frill that sits just above your hips.

This top was a complete impulse buy online but when it arrived it didn’t take long for it to become one of my favourite tops worn way more often than I thought I would. All the different kinds of detail shouldn’t work together but somehow it does. The peplum, cut out daisy pattern, bows running down the back; it all sounds a bit much but when it’s all put together it makes the top a real stand out piece. The bows on the back really add an extra cute factor.

I mostly pair it up with either a pair of jeans or some denim cut offs but I can imagine this looking cute over a dark jersey pencil midi skirt. Either black or a charcoal grey colour.
I’m not into midi so I haven’t actually tried it but the peplum frill against a tighter bandage skirt on the bottom would give the illusion of smaller hips as the peplum sits ever so slightly higher than your hip bones making it a perfect go to choice on one of those dreaded ‘fat’ days that seem to creep up with no warning.

I rolled the bottom of my jeans up just a little as the plait detail on the flip flops is too nice to keep hidden and I wore my hair up to show of all the detail on the top. It’s a great option for dressing both up and down. I can’t remember the exact cost of the top but It was around £20-24 which is an absolute bargain for how much wear I’ve had out of this little beauty.

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A couple of days ago I got the official invitation to the event and it sounds like it is going to be amazing! I cannot wait for it to arrive but in the mean time the big question is; What am I going to wear?! I will be browsing all of my favourite sites daily. If you lovely readers spot a nice dress, top, skirt or trousers that you think fits the ‘dress to impress’ dress code then please share your ideas with me. Tweet me @gillianleerose or tag me into any pics on instagram of outfits that take your fancy @gillianleerose I would love to see your ideas!






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