Daisy Blazer



Blazer: River Island
Top: Topshop
Jeans: New Look
Sandals: River Island
Satchel: H&M

I’m a sucker for a ditsy floral print. They always make tops, dresses, shorts & shirts look so adorable and the perfect summer fashion piece. This blazer was no exception. I got this aaages ago but I still get excited when I get an opportunity to wear it as I really do love it.

I paired mine together with a salmon pink lightweight crossover back top I also got forever ago from Topshop. I bought this top in this beautiful blush colour and I also picked up a white version and they’ve been staple wardrobes pieces ever since.

The back detail takes them from a casual tank to 1 step higher on the fashion scale. This can be worn in a casual way as I have chosen here or looks just as great for a night out when teamed with the right pair of shorts and heels or tucked into a skirt (I’m thinking a high waist straight leather pencil skirt) for an über-chic look.

The jeans are a more recent purchase compared to the top and blazer. I don’t ever really buy jeans from New Look but I took a chance on this pair as i liked the colour and I’m glad I did. They are a light thin denim like substitute which is perfect for the hot summer weather over here. They also stay in shape so well. They stay nice and fitted which is brilliant because I can’t stand it when jeans start to bag up after 1 wear and you have to wash them to get them back to skinny mode again.

The shoes are another older purchase. They are suede and the gorgeous taupe/fawn colour of them makes them the go-to shoe of choice when I feel stuck because they really do go with almost everything I own. They are also one of the most comfortable pair of sandals I have ever had. It will be a sad sad day when these eventually go off to shoe heaven.

Lucky for me, they have plenty of wear left but that doesn’t mean I can’t be very prepared and buy lots of ‘replacement’ sandals in the mean time for when that day eventually comes!

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