Cut It Out


Dress: ASOS (Paprika)
Shoes: ASOS

I got this dress for my birthday back in March and couldn’t wait for an opportunity to wear it. The colours in the dress are subtle yet still gorgeous. I wanted to wait till I had a tan before I wore this as the cut out detail on the front instantly draws the eyes to that area and I felt a bit too pale to wear it when I first got it. It was Saturday night so it seemed like the perfect time to dig this dress out.

Firstly I have to apologise for how awful and wet my hair looks. I was running so late getting ready for work that I snapped these and ran straight out the door so I didn’t have any time to wait for it to dry a little more. I usually leave my hair to dry naturally at work as its so hot when I am getting ready which is around 6pm. I am very lucky to have dead straight hair so I don’t really have to do much to it anyway. I leave it in twists when it is damp to give it just a little bit of character and if I want to do a certain style like using a curling wand etc I do this after work at 1am and then head out afterwards as it’s much cooler to do it then (everything is much later here than in the UK, going out at 1.30-2am is the norm).

Now that the awful hair is explained I can move onto the outfit. My boyfriend bought me the dress as one of my birthday presents but I know this would definitely have had something to do with my sister as she knew I wanted it. I like to air my wish list quite loud around the house near to my birthday so anyone struggling with what to get me knows what stuff I want and I end up with most of the things from my latest lusts. I am not the easiest person to buy for as I mostly want clothes but I am quite picky when it comes to the actual clothes so if in doubt I just tell my family to buy me Topshop or ASOS vouchers and they can’t really go wrong.

This dress is by Paprika at ASOS. It is not too tight but fits well in all the right places whilst being comfortable at the same time. The cut out detail is nice and small so it’s not too revealing but it adds a more dressed up night out kind of feel to the dress. The back is slightly lower than normal dresses which again makes it more suited for night wear . I like how by removing one or two small pieces of fabric in certain areas of a dress or top it can completely change the whole look and take it to a new level from casual wear to an outfit that you’re ready to hit the town in.

I got these heels a few months ago just before I left England, I’ve only worn them about 3 times so far but I adore everything about them. I didn’t intentionally carry the cut out theme onto my heels but after when I realised I quite liked the idea. The heels have the middle area of the platform and heel cut out and they are connected by a gold coloured bar which isn’t so noticeable unless you take a close look. They are my favourite shoe purchase in the last few months. A huge bonus of these is that they are mega comfy which is a must need when you are out dancing with the girls all night long.

I buy my heels from mostly ASOS and Topshop with the exception of a few pairs from elsewhere every now and again. Every pair of heels I have got from ASOS have always been very comfortable and after hours of wear barely hurt my feet. They are also very hard wearing and tend to last for a long time. Well done ASOS, A+ on your shoe designs.

As I always do with an outfit that has a fair amount of detail I kept jewellery to a minimum with just my watch to accessorise as I like to keep the dress as the main focus. My make up was heavier than usual as I knew I was off for a night out after work so I prepared before hand so I didn’t have lots of time to do everything afterwards. Just scruff my hair up a little for a wavy messy look, add a touch more lippy and ready to go.

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