Mix It Up

denim_topshop_shirt_stripe_discopants_american_apparel_gillian_lee_rose_gillianleerose_fashion_blogDenim Shirt: Topshop

Breton Tee: Topshop

Disco Pants: American Apparel

Shoes: Topshop

‘G’ Pendant Necklace: Urban Outfitters

Watch: Michael Kors

I went a bit crazy a mix of different textures and prints without realising it. I put this casual outfit together in about 2 minutes and ended up really liking it. I like the contrast of the matte denim shirt against the high shine of the nylon spandex disco pants.

As some of you may have realised, I like quite loud and out there shoes so these faux ponyskin leopard print sandals were a no brainer. I love how much the design screams out against the black trousers.

A good Breton stripe tee can be the basis of so many outfit choices. It has become a real staple piece for me and I find myself gravitating towards it again and again. You can really mix it up with a tee like this to be casual as you like or perfect for a night time look. I recently went on a night out and tucked the t-shirt into a high waist pencil skirt from H&M. I added a big chunky gold necklace, tan heels, tan skinny belt and tousled curls to finish the look and I was ready to hit the town with the girls.

I like to roll the sleeves on most of my t-shirts as personally I think small touches like this can make the world of difference. I don’t have a particular reason as to why I just like the look of a rolled sleeve in general, on men and women.

I love mixing up prints but adding different textures takes it to the next level. I definitely notice girls on the street more when they are daring with fashion and are not afraid to mix it up. I love trying new things and sometimes it doesn’t work but sometimes I love how it turns out and you’re onto a winner.

I was a bit bored of my usual ‘messy’ hair so I took the front section on each side and created a twist on each side. It was nice to have my hair out of my face for a change. I don’t tend to do a whole lot with my hair as to be honest I am not actually that good at styling hair. I usually leave it to dry on it’s own as it’s naturally pretty much poker straight. I add a bit of salt spray for texture and rough it up a bit.

I have started to curl it occasionally as I like the thicker illusion it gives my hair but I don’t wear it up that often as I don’t feel it particularly suits me. Also with it being quite fine it doesn’t look that good in a topknot or high ponytail etc as I think a topknot looks best when it is fairly large and a good ponytail looks at it’s best when it’s bumpy and messy.Thank god for the invention of the hair donut!

I have started to experiment a bit more when I have time but would love any advice on how all of you style your hair and any wonder-products that you just can’t live without.




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