Nailed It


I was playing around a few days ago, doodling away and ended up with a mix & match design. I couldn’t decide on a theme or one colour scheme so I just sat playing.

I did a simple bow design with a little gem in the middle as I think the bows always look quite sweet. I really liked the marble design I did a week ago so I did one nail the same and instead of three colours I used two different shades of pink.
To get the marble effect you do the base colour really thick and when wet blob a large amount of the contrasting colour and drag them through each other with a tooth pick or think brush.

Instead of ditsy flowers I went for a more 70’s style of flower for the middle finger. I did the petals more bubble shaped and kept them very rounded. I did this using a large dotting tool.

I like glitter fades so I did a very light purple base colour and added a much darker mixed blue and purple glitter to make it stand out more against the pale lilac base.

The thumb I did some cute ‘geek’ glasses on a bright candy pink background. I used a nail art pen for this and just drew the outline.

On my right hand thumb I did a cute dandelion design I saw online. It looks detailed but actually very easy to do. It’s made up mostly of little strokes and flicks.

I love pastel tie-dye colours which was the original design on this nail by sponging layers of pastels over a white background until I was happy with the overlapping colours. I then went back to this nail at the end as I wanted to add something and then the peace sign popped into my head as peace symbol + tie-dye = the ultimate hippy match. I used a very thin striper to draw the center lines and outlined with a circle afterwards.

As it’s summer I went for a cute cartoon strawberry on my middle finger. This also looks really good on all nails.

I love the clouds design. It’s such an eye catching print and just looks so adorable. White fat fluffy clouds on a bright blue background immediately takes me away into summer day dreams. It’s so so simple to do just using a large dotting tool.

I like polka dot designs a lot They are fast and super easy to do and always look so nice. I changed it a little by using a white background and adding small mixed pastel colour polka dots around one edge of the nail. I liked how it turned out. You only need a small sized dotting tool.

I change my nails so often and I decided I liked the cloud design so much for this time of year. I then went for that design yesterday on all nails for a change as I only usually do it on one.




Check out my instagram ‘gillianleerose’ for all my latest nail designs. If there are any you are interested in a tutorial on I can do a quick version on Vine (gillianleerose) or on Keek for a more in depth tutorial. I can also do a blog post or a personal email to you with a description of how to achieve certain designs if you would like.

I need to do my nails for the Company Magazine Blogger Awards and I can’t think of what design to go for, any ideas? Let me know!

Please nominate me for the Cosmopolitan 2013 Blog Awards by clicking here or the image below and filling in the information, it only takes 30 seconds! Thank you!


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