Flower Power


Black: Rimmel ‘Black Cab’

Yellow: Topshop ‘Bees Knees’

White: Pro Polish ‘Snow White’

I love daisy print on absolutely everything. It is such a cute print whether it’s on clothes, shoes or accessories. You see it come around Spring after Spring and people, including myself, just can’t get enough. I decided to take my love affair with daisies into my own hands and attempted adaisy print nail design. I fell in love with the end result.

I wanted the daisies to really stand out so I went for a black background as I just thought it was something a bit different.

I painted each nail with a base coat and two coats of black polish and allowed to dry. I then used a dotting tool to randomly place the yellow centre part of the daisies. When you are doing this step don’t go too overboard with dots because you need to allow enough room around each dot for the petals and too many yellow dots can totally ruin the design as you will struggle to fit them all on one nail.

Depending on the yellow you use, the centre dot might not be as bright as you want it. If this is the case just go over the dots a second time and allow to dry.

The next step is to add the petals around the outside of the yellow dots. The easiest way for beginners to do this would be using a nail pen as you have more control over the design. The method I use is by dotting the petals around the yellow centre and then using a fine tip nail art brush or pen then put smaller black dots or thin lines that touch the yellow centre. This then creates the perfect rounded petal shape.

Give the design a more random look by doing a couple of the daisies on some fingers as if they are going off the edge of thevfinger. So do a dot right next to the nail edge and go around the nail adding petals so it looks like half a flower. This gives the effect that the print has carried on off the nail like it would look on a piece of clothing that contained daisy print. Otherwise you can end up with one large or just two smaller daisies on each nail and it can look very ‘samey’ and repetitive.

Once you have finished off all the petals leave for a minute to completely dry to avoid dragging the design when you add the final top coat which is, of course if you know me, Seche Vite aka The Ultimate Top Coat!

Try mixing it up with different background colours (as I have below) or even different coloured centre dots for a daisy print design with a twist.

Happy Manicuring!



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