Going Dotty


Rings: Midi Rings – Love Hearts & Crosses, ‘G’ & Cat Ears Ring: Urban Outfitters

I love a simple nail art design that you can sit down to do and 15 minutes later, you can walk away with fabulous looking nails! Polka dot nails, probably the easiest of all the designs to do and they always look so eye catching and cute. I often plan on doing detailed intricate new designs that I come up with but end up just doing polka dot as I love it so much.

I always use a base coat first, this helps protect your nails from being stained but it also helps the design last longer. I use China Glaze’s First & Last. I applied two coats of colour and waited a minute so it had started to dry. I usually do a very neat and symmetrical polka dot design starting with the row of dots running down the centre of the nail. However, I wanted to do something a bit different this time. I used a dotting tool (or if you don’t have one a toothpick or the end of a hair pin works just the same) to achieve this design. I went for smaller dots and in 2 different colours. I did all the white dots first as these are the more noticeable ones against the pink background and wanted the majority of the dots to be white. I then went over and filled in all the spaces with the baby pink colour. After I had done all my fingers and thumbs I had a look to see if any white or pink dots were needed anywhere to balance the nails out.

I left it a couple of minutes to dry and then went over with a top coat. My number one go-to is Seche Vite. This dries super fast and gives your nails an amazing almost gel-like glossy finish.

You can mix up contrasting or neon colours for a really stand out manicure or keep it more subtle with cute spring pastel shades. Either way polka dot always looks great and it’s so quick and easy for beginner nail art lovers to give it a go.



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