Ocean Spray


Base Coat: China Glaze First & Last
Blue: H&M ‘Blue My Mind’
Mint: Topshop ‘Pool Party’
Topcoat: Seche Vite

I sat down to do my nails at the weekend and but I took a lifetime to decide on what I wanted. I actually started off doing galaxy nails as they always look so good and are actually unbelievably quick and easy to do. However, being the indecisive Pisces that I am I changed my mind after doing one hand and fancied something a bit brighter and more in line with Spring (even though it’s very un-Spring-like outside right now!)

I decided after another long pondering session to use a sea blue colour and a bright pastel mint. I promised in my birthday outfit post that I would do a tutorial on how to achieve the look.

The first step is to file the nails to the desired length and shape. Push all cuticles back and trim them with a cuticle trimmer if needed but in most cases pushing them back is enough. Then apply a base coat. This ensures the design stays on better and lasts longer as well as stopping your nails from staining.

Then paint all the nails in the colour of your choice. This is the colour you want to use as the base colour of the design. Repeat this process with a second coat to give good opaque coverage. Then the best way to achieve the ‘fade’ effect is to use a triangle shaped make up sponge. Blob a bit of the second chosen colour on a piece of paper and dip a corner of the sponge into the colour and lightly start to dab at the tip of the nail working up to where you want the fade to start. I usually go about half way up. Gradually work across all your fingers and thumbs and by the time you’ve done this the first ones you did will be dry. If the colour at the tip isn’t as dark as you want then repeat the process. They first coat is usually fairly light because its such a small amount going onto the nail. I wanted my mint part brighter and more opaque so I went over all the tips again but this time don’t go as high up the nail as the first time so that the area where the mint colour starts is lighter and it goes more opaque towards the tip of the nail. Two lots of ‘dabbing’ should be plenty but very light pastel colours such as yellows and peaches for instance may need a third.

When using the sponge it usually gets all round the sides of your nails so dip a cotton bud into nail polish remover and just clean up around the sides and remove any excess colour.

Lastly the nail will have a slightly bumpy effect where you have been dabbing over and over so to smooth out the whole design and make it look seamless and also give it the finishing gloss that will make it stand out then apply a top coat. This will also seal in the design and make it last much longer than if you didn’t apply it. Then use a drop of cuticle oil or moisturising cream to soften up the cuticles and re-hydrate the skin where it would have been a little dried out from the polish remover whilst cleaning.

I love this design and its brilliant for beginner nail art enthusiasts to try out. Give it a go and show me how you get on. You can use any two colours you like so have a play around and see what works together for you. Feeling adventurous? Try using three colours on each nail, it looks fab!




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