In A Galaxy Far Far Away


I was experimenting with some polishes and I’d seen a few of these galaxy nails around so I decided to give it a whirl. The result? One of my favourite designs I’ve done to date!

The thing I love about the galaxy nails design is no matter how many times you do it and even if you use exactly the same colours, it will always turn out different every time. It looks very tricky to master but it really is one of the easiest designs I’ve tried and the picture featured here was my first attempt. The secret is not to try too hard. It’s a case of sponging different layers of colours over each other to create a mish-mash of colours. I used a black background and then used a mix of greys, navy’s and pinks. The finishing touch was a layer of ‘stars’.

You can use pretty much any colours for this design. I’ve seen so many different styles using similar colours to those that I used but also instead of pinks people have used greens, light blues and even whites. You can take this design in any direction you want and some people have added bigger white/red/blue dots as planets too.

Give this a go if you’re feeling adventurous. it’s such a fun design to try out. I’d love to see people’s attempts. e-mail me or tweet me @gilly_rose and I will feature the best ones in a post soon. It doesn’t have to be just the galaxy design. I’d love to see what all you nail artists have been busy coming up with lately.

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