Statement Necklace & A Red Lip

Topshop Red Lipstick Necklace Knit Jumper Gillian RoseJumper: Primark

Jeans: River Island

Shoes: Topshop

Necklace: Miss Selfridge

Watch: Michael Kors

Lipstick: Topshop ‘Rio Rio’

I’ve only really got into lipstick in the last year or so. I didn’t think it suited me and just felt a bit too standout when I wore it. I have since grown to love it over the last year and my collection has gone from zero to way too many faster than you can say pout. I am also a massive fan of a bold statement necklace and am continuously on the look out for new gorgeous detailed and chunky necklaces to snap up.

I stick to mostly different shades of pinks but lately have got more into reds and darker berry lips throughout the winter. It finishes a look and now I don’t really go without it too often. Its brilliant for dressing up a fairly casual outfit, as is a statement necklace which I also tend to wear a fair bit.

I wanted an overall casual outfit but it was just a little bit too plain so I added this heart pendant chunky necklace to add that extra something to it. I didn’t really wear any other jewellery as when I have a detailed item on I don’t like to overload on accessories and ruin the outfit. I just wore my Michael Kors watch and nothing else as I had gold studs on my shoes which I felt was enough. I threw my hair up in a messy top-knot so I could show the necklace off without hair as a distraction.

I only wear gold jewellery and annoyingly I see so many gorgeous detailed necklaces that I lust after but to my disappointment they are only available in silver. I love wearing them over a chunky knit like I am in this post, I just love the whole casual/glam balance that a chunky necklace can add to an outfit. I also quite like wearing them with a plain boyfriend tee throughout the summer and under the collar of a plain shirt to give it a twist.

I picked up a cute chunky gold link necklace from H&M at the weekend which I can’t wait to wear. I also had another two in my hand but had to put them back as I’d already bought so much! Naughty naughty I know, I was supposed to be just returning some items and came back with way more than anticipated, oops. On the plus side though I have some absolute gems that I am excited to photograph and get on here for you all to see. Every cloud….

Topshop Red Lipstick Necklace Knit Jumper Gillian Rose

Knit Jumper Red Lip Necklace

Topshop Red Lipstick Necklace Knit Jumper Gillian Rose

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