Meet The Newbies

topshop asos river island gillian rose boots heels shoes

Clockwise from top left:
Denim Shirt £32 – Topshop
White Boots £65 – River Island
Black Boots £75 – Topshop
Cut Out Heels £75 – ASOS
Boyfriend Blazer £35 – River Island

Everyone, I’d like to introduce you to the ‘Newbies’. I’ve done a little *ok, a LOT* of shopping this week and picked up these gorgeous bits along the way.
I should probably have a separate ‘new in’ page on my blog, like most online stores have with all their new stock because I probably buy enough clothes and shoes each week to warrant having one of my own! I wanted to give you all a run down on my new additions and why I parted with my hard earned pennies for them.

I have been wanting a denim shirt like this one for such a long time but no where seemed to make them with short sleeves and if I ever found one it was usually very fitted and snug which wasn’t the look I was going for. So when this one showed up on Topshop I snapped it up ASAP!

The white western boots left me totally divided, I couldn’t make up my mind on whether I loved them or loathed them. I kept going back and looking at them over and over again and in the end I caved and ordered them. When I got them out the box (which was a super cute leopard print one FYI, well done RI) I was so glad I had bought them. They are perfect go-with-anything boots. Whether it be jeans of the skinny variety or a simple day dress, they just look adorable. The white is more of an off-white creamy colour which is better than pure white, as I know in this drab British weather where the words ‘Spring’ and ‘Summer’ only exist in terms of fashion week and collections that they would get dirty very quickly.

The cut out boots were to fulfill my inner rock chic (I know some of you think it should be ‘chick‘ but my way of wearing the trend is rocky and edgy made chic with feminine elements, enter rock chic) I’ve seen a lot of cut out boots about and was pretty slow to jump on the band wagon purely because I hadn’t seen a pair with the oh-my-god-I-must-have-them-now appeal.

I am very fussy with detail on shoes and boots…..and pretty much everything! I am an avid wearer of gold only. I dislike silver detailing with a passion and won’t buy an item of clothing if the detailing isn’t gold. That’s not to say I dislike everyone who wears silver, because most people who wear it or have clothes with silver detailing look fab! It just really doesn’t suit me and I like to stick with what works for me.

These amazing cut out heels-come-wedges were a must buy! These are the prettiest I’ve laid eyes on in the whole shoe-niverse in the last 6 months! Even better in real life, trust me!

The boyfriend blazer, a staple in every fashionistas wardrobe. Super comfy, super sophisticated and even super sexy at times depending on how you wear it. I will mostly be wearing it to dress more casual outfits up a little, mainly with jeans and heels and cute little cami. However I also love boyfriend blazers that have been teamed with a dressed up night out kind of outfit, to give it that ‘thrown together’ style. Like a body-con dress or a pair of leather shorts and shirt combo, all with the most important part of every ensemble, killer heels.

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