Do It Like A Brother, Do It Like A Dude…

bow tie leather trousers

Shirt: Asos

Leather Look Trousers: H&M

Studded Slippers: Topshop

I am a BIG fan of the androgynous look but a lot of people automatically think it won’t suit them, me being one of those. I decided to try it out but still kept some elements of the look feminine so that it would be tailored in a way that not only suits me but also in a way that I would actually wear the outfit.

I went for leather trousers paired with studded flat slippers to keep the look on edge. Instead of going for a plain crisp white shirt I mixed it up a bit and went for a western style fringed version complete with skinny bow tie and cut out back. If I was to wear this out of a night time I would keep everything the same but add a pair of plain court heels so that the focus wouldn’t be taken away from the shirt. I did my make up in a fairly vampy look, keeping it dark with flicked eyes and dark lips.

Androgyny is a tricky trend to master and it can definitely be very daunting to some people but it doesn’t always have to be suit trousers, white shirt and a black blazer. There are so many other options for people to try and little details just to dip your toes into the pool of androgyny rather than go the whole nine yards.

Try a black bow tie teamed with a bright coral blouse worn with black skinnies for a slightly more colourful approach to the trend, or add a chunky boyfriend watch to give an outfit a slight masculine twist. I will 100% be trying out this trend again and when the summer arrives I can’t wait to swap the leather trousers for a pair of leather high waisted shorts and killer heels.


cut out back

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