Happy National Moss Day <3

kate moss fashion Happy Birthday to the amazingly beautiful Miss Kate Moss! 39 years old today and she is still undoubtedly rocking the title of ‘fashion icon’.

Any of my friends or family could tell you I have many loves, Topshop, Nail Art, platform heels (never less than 5″ obvs!), embellishment on pretty much everything (tops, dresses, jackets, nails….) but there is only room for one great love in my fashion world, and that spot is taken by none other than my beloved Mossy.

Now I totally understand she isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but you can’t take it away from her that she is one of the best supermodels in the last twenty plus years. She is the epitome of British fashion and she has commandeered trend after trend after trend. Her mystery keeps the world on edge always waiting to hear her next move. She caused what some could describe as chaotic stampedes when she first launched her Topshop line and sends sales rocketing of almost every brand she fronts.

At the age of 39 she is still young at heart and could probably out-party most 20 year olds! So I would hope for no less as she celebrates this year. I can’t wait to see the pictures, and of course what she is wearing!

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