Mental Illness Is No Joke

Over the last month or more there is something that has really been on my mind so following on from my recent Instagram post with regards to Mental Health Awareness, I thought I would head on over here to get my opinions down in writing in my little space that I occupy on the World Wide Web! After all, that is what a blog is all about no?

People may or may not always agree with what I have to say and that is absolutely fine. It’s my blog and I write my thoughts and life experiences down. You don’t have to like it and you certainly don’t have to read it. With that said I am writing about a sensitive subject today and would love to know your thoughts or even experiences with what I will go on to talk about because I find it very interesting what you all have to say also.

I won’t beat around the bush and get straight to my point. Mental illness or poor mental health is not a joke. It never was and never will be so it angers me incessantly when people use it in a ‘jokey’ way. It is neither cool, funny or OK to call people ‘crazy’, ‘psycho’, ‘mental’ or any other words linked to mental illness in a derogatory manner or as a means of insult. It actually reflects more on the person calling others names than it does on the person it is being aimed at. It is in fact a very serious illness that should be taken far more seriously than it currently is because people that take part in this behaviour, in my opinion, are part of the problem.

Mental health.jpg

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You’ve heard of the obsessed ex…But what about the obsessive new partner?

So we’ve all heard stories about the obsessive ex right? Whether you have had this with your own ex or maybe your new partner has had some issues with their ex? This is fairly common but what people don’t talk about so much is when it’s their NEW partner. Maybe not such a common occurrence but definitely still happens. It’s happened to me and it’s definitely happened to others.

This meme was so relatable when I first saw it 😂

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Spring Days Are Here




I just got back from a flying visit to my other home, Corfu – Greece. I was there for Orthodox Easter and if you have never visited Greece before then Easter is definitely one of the best times to go. Namely Corfu, as they have their own traditions that really set them apart from the other islands. I will go into more detail about that separately because it deserves a dedicated post, it’s THAT GOOD! I also warn you that this post is fairly photo heavy,  I have some fab new spring pieces to share with you.

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What My 20’s Taught Me

My 3rd decade is rapidly approaching (tomorrow in fact) and I got to thinking about a number of things lately.

What have my 20’s taught me? What valuable life lessons have I learnt? Would I do anything differently? If my 30 year old self could meet my 20 year old self what would the wise old me tell the naive young me? What advice would I impart?

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Heartbreak: An Honest Encounter


Believe it not I started writing this blog post 2 years ago!! It has sat in my drafts ever since. I have edited it, added to it, removed parts, even at one time I deleted it! Each time it has had a very different tone. When I first read it back months after initially writing it, I felt like I was reading something written by someone else. It certainly wasn’t ‘me’ at all and in actual fact quite a surreal experience to see just how affected I was by everything at the time of my first draft. I will warn you now it is long!

Fast forward 2 years and how things have changed! I am finally ready to publish my inner thoughts on the subject. What I went through and how things are on the other side of the nasty experience that is a broken heart….

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When In Rome…

Travel blog_rome_europe_instatravel_cityguide

Travel blog_rome_eurpoe_instatravel_cityguide

A while back I put together a (very long) post about my wonderful weekend in the beautiful city of Rome. I rambled on (and on….and on, sorry!) for a while about how great the place was and reminisced about all the amazing food I consumed. This post is going to be more about tips and places I really enjoyed that I would recommend others to visit. If you have an upcoming visit planned then read on. I like to research a new place before I visit and I would have loved to stumble across a post like this when planning my getaway. So I will get straight to it and I hope the information I have put together will help you plan a successful trip to this beautiful city. (Beware, it is a text-heavy post!)

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A Weekend In Rome




So if you follow me on Instagram you will have seen that recently I flew off to Rome for a long weekend with my lovely boyfriend. Rome was one of the destinations on my never ending list of places to visit that had been on there a while, never getting that tick next to it. I finally got the chance to go and it certainly did not disappoint the travel bug I have inside of me.

After living away from home in a different country for many years I find that when I return to the UK, as much as I adore the place that will always be my home; I never truly feel ‘at home’ and can’t seem to place roots here and settle. It’s a hard battle to fight year after year and time and time again I find myself fleeing. Anyone else that has traveled or lived in a different location will understand, whether it’s as little as 3 months or stretches into years. I get SO excited when I get to explore a new location and I also get super sad when it’s time to leave. I find I can attach myself to new places quite easily, which can be quite detrimental…it’s definitely the daydreamer Piscies inside me.

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Blogging Hiatus – Why?


Shop the look

Hi everyone!
You will have seen a few times in the last few months that I haven’t been blogging as full time as I usually have done so in the past. A variety of reasons account for this. It isn’t my full time job as much as I would adore it to be and therefore takes a lot of time and more importantly money to keep up.

Having recently changed jobs and house I have had to sacrifice a lot of things and new clothes was the first to stop. For obvious reasons no one wants to see old content and therefore fashion wise I haven’t had anything to blog.

I miss blogging immensely and the second my finances are in order I can’t wait to get back to weekly posts. I try to keep up to date on Instagram with what I’m up to and post the occasional outfit pic on there. For now this is the best I can do.

I popped out with all the girls on Friday night for a very overdue catch up and it was so great to see everyone. I went for a rocky kind of look. You can’t see much lower detail in the pics but I had studded pointed boots on, fishnests under my ripped knee jeans, a Metallica ripped tee, denim shirt, shaggy cardi and choked. All finished off with my beloved lily bag.  You can shop the look by clicking the link under the photo above (or the photo itself).

Miss you all and can’t wait to get back at it as soon as possible.

G x

Some other recent looks, click the picture for links:

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Ozalia Australia




UK_fashion_blog_gillianleerose_Ozalia_UggBoots: Ozalia Australia

Happy Australia Day!! What better day to write this post about these amazing new boots. Hands up who else is majorly fed up of this freezing cold weather we are having of late? I am thinking of nothing but summer and planning my getaways to my little Greek island over the next few months. Anyway back to the post…these are absolute lifesavers and I am incredibly happy that Ozalia got in touch with me and let me give their cozy boots a spin. These aren’t your standard winter boots either, read on to find out why.

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